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Our aim is to introduce Tamil literature to Tamils and non-Tamils by providing good translations in English. We believe there is a need to make the rich Tamil literature – its fiction, poetry and drama - accessible to international readers.

Tamil is the official language of Indian State of Tamil Nadu and is spoken by 74 million people in the world. There are sizeable Tamil- speaking communities in Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa and Mauritius. In addition, Tamil is the first Indian language to be officially recognized as a classical language by the Government of India in 2004.

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Till Death Do Us Part
Made in Heaven
Cupid's Alarms
Krishna and Gandhari

The Times of their Lives

Jayakanthan-writeup (TRIAL BY FIRE)

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Review of Rajeswari A Novel by Dr. C.S. Lakshmi
Review of Rajeswari A Novel by Janaki Sastry

Kurinji Publications is proud to introduce the work of yet another modern Tamil writer - Maharishi - in English and Telugu translations.
Maharishi Write up
Maharishi Profile
Pure as a Crystal


Jayakanthan’s contribution to arts and politics spans over 50 years when he has donned all kinds of hats: foot soldier, journalist, writer, pamphleteer, filmmaker, and critic. Fiercely independent and a man of conviction, he once declared that he never wrote even one sentence to entertain his readers.
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