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I am thankful to Jayakanthan for his permission to translate his works in Telugu

I am using the software TELUGU LIPI for my translation work  and I want to thank the couple Sirigiri Srinivas and Radha who developed the software and have facilitated its use for my project.

I have presently included the following stories. I intend to add more as time goes.

Readers may send their comments and suggestions at info@kurinjipubs.com.

 The stories are:

పాపం, భక్తు డేక్దా!!  
పాత జ్ఞాపకాలు - ముందు మాట  
పాత జ్ఞాపకాలు - జయకాంతన్ కథ  
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A new Jayakanthan novel in Telugu!

Kurinji Publications is proud to bring out GANGA TAPASSU, a translation of Jayakanthan’s Tamil novel GANGAI ENGE POGIRAL? for Telugu readers.

Ganga Tapassu is a sequel to the author’s earlier novel KONNI SAMAYAALLO KONDARU MANUSHULU (The Tamil original was called SILA NERANGALIL SILA MANIDARGAL which has been since translated by Malati Chandur in early Seventies. It deals with the life and turmoil of Ganga, a simple, naïve, high school student caught in a web of deceit and its consequences.

The National Book Trust, New Delhi, published the book in other Indian languages. A Tamil movie with the same title also proved a great success.

Jayakanthan has mentioned in an interview that of all his own literary characters Ganga is his favorite. Ganga represents the authentic modern woman and she embodies all the emotions of the protean river Ganges. In this sequel the author follows her odyssey with yearning, nostalgia, regret and love – all rendered in specific, concrete and inspired language.

Jayakanthan also has the unique distinction of being the only author, whose two novels – with the same protagonist – were serialized in two prominent Tamil weeklies – within an interval of five years,

The book includes a foreword by Malati Chandur, the translator’s note and Jayakanthan’s own introduction to his sequel.

Please send your comments and suggestions to info@kurinjipubs.com.

Click here to read the introduction to GANGA TAPASSU by Malati Chandur
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