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I was born in Berhampur , India in 1939 and emigrated to US in 1975. Growing up in a home where my father was a teacher and poet and a sister a successful writer of Tamil short stories, I was drawn into the magic of the printed word. At sixteen I published my first short story in a popular children‘s magazine, Kannan . At school, I published a humor magazine – Kitakitalu – in Telugu, entirely handwritten.

Translating Jayakanthan's works has been my principal hobby for the last ten years. Even though I am an engineer by profession, I was always drawn to writing and especially to Jayakanthan's writings. I have so far translated three novels, six short novels, and thirty short stories.

Some of my translations – short stories – were published under the title Trial by Fire to coincide with Jayakanthan's visit to the US in June, 2000. The book was officially released in July 2000 at the annual Tamil Sangam festival in Tampa , Florida ; Mr. Jayakanthan and several of his close colleagues graced the occasion.

As my involvement in JK's works became wider and deeper, I was especially struck by the author's treatment of marriage in his writings…and thus, I decided to bring out this new collection, Till Death Do Us Part.


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